The Self-Compassion Program

The Self-Compassion Program | Learn how to free yourself from self-doubt and limiting beliefs to access inner peace and joy in this 8-week, one-to-one coaching program.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. And our mission is to expand our consciousness.

That’s nothing short of extraordinary!

This blissful realization comforted you for a while. But it doesn’t make life any easier. 

You still feel unworthy of love or respect. Negative thoughts like I’m a failure haunt you. You wonder what’s wrong with you. Your relationships are unfulfilling.

Life is a struggle.

It’s understandable. The spiritual path is a winding, tricky one. You’ve been doing good inner work: meditating, journaling and reading self-help books.

We all need many wake-up calls to return home.

Our unconscious mind holds painful emotions and limiting beliefs. If left unexamined, they crush our self-confidence and keep us small.

But we’re much more than our thoughts.

Though you’ve had a brief glimpse of grace, you must now face the ultimate challenge: releasing your old identity more fully to embrace your true nature—peaceful, joyful and free.

You’re not broken. It’s just a matter of learning how to navigate your limiting thoughts.

Easier said than done though. Let me show you how.

Introducing The Self-Compassion Program

Discover how to free yourself from self-doubt and limiting beliefs to access peace, joy and clarity in any moment. 

  • Eight 60-minute weekly private sessions via Zoom (with or without video)
  • Energy clearings, tools and exercises to reinforce positive habits
  • Unlimited email messaging support

Fee: $720 USD (convert to your currency here)

This program is for you if you:

  • Are a spiritual seeker
  • Have done some inner work (journaling, mindfulness, self-inquiry, etc.) 
  • Struggle with pesty negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Find yourself in unfulfilling relationships
  • Want to build your confidence and personal power
  • Yearn for deep inner peace and joy
  • Are ready to lean into hard truths and the unknown

Imagine freeing yourself from painful stories.

Instead of appeasing your harsh inner critic, what if you could embrace your fears and trust your intuition?

No more letting feelings of inadequacy rule your life.

You can finally experience unconditional peace and self-love—which makes everything so much easier. Your health, work and relationships begin to align with your joy.

That’s true power.

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” —Lao Tzu

How does it work?

First, email me to request an application. If we’re a great fit, I’ll send you a welcome email about the registration process.

Then, we meet for our weekly 60-minute sessions. You’ll learn empowering tools, get energy clearings and do various exercises to help you find peace in any moment.

In between sessions, you further practice your new skills through simple homework. You can email me for support, to untangle issues and celebrate!

Hi, I’m Annie Moussu

I’m a spiritual coach who offers practical wisdom to awakening souls.

Hush Your Mind | Annie Moussu is a spiritual coach offering practical wisdom to awakening souls. The world needs your inner peace.

Depression, addictions and codependent relationships have brought me to my knees. More than anything, I wanted to be free.

Little did I know what it’d take to free myself. I embraced my pain, accepted my worst fears and released expectations. Slowly but surely, I found peace and love within.

We’re all on a lifelong journey though. Our greatest gift to the world is finding inner peace. 

Now I’m passionate about helping you free yourself from limiting beliefs, stand in your truth and shine your light.

“I lacked self-confidence… now I’m confident and positive.”

I used to close myself off and lack self-confidence, so I was definitely not on a positive path… or so, I thought.

These moments of reflection with Annie are very enriching! She’s a great listener, present and open-minded. Her guidance has been precious, as I’ve learned how to manage my emotions and see the glass half full. The exercises are very effective and her method is beneficial in the long term.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m no longer someone of whom I’m scared. I’m confident and positive, even though at times I need to remind myself of what I’ve learned. I’m completely satisfied with Annie’s coaching.

Thank you, Annie, for your faith in me, guidance and beautiful energy!”

—Camille P., France

“I’ve learned how to accept myself.”

Annie’s coaching has helped me see that even though I can’t go back to change my past, I can choose to not let it define me. I’ve learned how to accept myself, so that I can live my life more peacefully.

Working with Annie has been healing for me.  She knows how to stay objective, all the while being compassionate. Her guidance has challenged how I view myself and has brought me peace of mind, allowing me to live more serenely and enjoy the positive aspects of life.”

—Patricia M., France

“I feel more at peace.”

“When it comes to understanding emotions, Annie has an uncanny ability to guide me deep down into the source of my patterns.

But she doesn’t leave me there. She is able to illustrate ideas, concepts, and solutions in simple terms. Annie is patient and compassionate. She speaks with you, rather than to you. She is a great teacher because she is also an enthusiastic student of Life.

I feel more expanded, more aware, more at peace. Annie has strength and wisdom far beyond most and I can always trust her to help me see the truth in all of its forms.

—Kiam J., Chicago

Ready to find inner peace?